Writing Wednesday! Writing Challenge Week 5!

Writing Challenge Week 5

5 Places I want to Visit!

  1. Nassau, Bahamas. I am so fascinated with pirate history and love reading about it. Nassau was a location that was once occupied by pirates, including Charles Vane. Some movies, like Pirates of the Caribbean, really play off of pirate lore and fantasy. Many stories of famous pirates have turned into legend but the true stories are just as fascinating as the lore. I think it would be wonderful to visit the locations where this history took place.paradise-island-bahamas-cabbage-beach-1024x683
  2. Finland. The whole country. Every picture I have seen just looks breathtaking. I want to go there to see the Northern Lights. I am told that the pictures don’t even do it justice. Another reason to visit is that I am a huge fan of Nightwish. They are a symphonic metal band from Finland. I have seen them play several times here in the U.S but how amazing would it be to see them live in Finland! 149562-004-2EB73790
  3. New Zealand. Not only is this place beautiful as well but it is also home to the filming locations for Lord of the Rings. Just saying. I would just love to see the sets and just walk into MiddleEarth!hobbiton-movie-set-tours
  4. Scotland. Again, the whole country. There are so many castles, ruins, landmarks and libraries that I want to see. If I ever visit Scotland I will need to make it an extended trip. My husband also agrees with me on this! His mother was born in Scotland and he would love to see where his family comes from!download
  5. Last but not least, Germany. Again the whole country. Germany is filled with lots of history, castles, libraries, and landmarks. I have heard of the German Fairy Tale Route which takes you through a lot of the landmarks and places of the Grimm Brothers. How delightful would that be?!         Deutsche_Maerchenstrasse_GB_Garland_300x0

Obviously, I would love to visit MANY other places than just these 5. I would love to travel the entire world and see everything that it has to offer. These are just the first 5 that came to mind. We are currently planning a trip to Germany in the year 2019. So *fingers crossed* hopefully, we live the dream of traveling!

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