My Fierce Highlander (Highland Adventure Book 1) by Vonda Sinclair ~ Review

One of the things that I love about being a book reviewer for Indie or self-published books is that I find authors that I probably would have never heard of anywhere else. I am a fan of all genres, and that includes the romance genre. I especially have a weak spot for historical romance. I recently discovered Vonda Sinclair. I decided to start with her first book My Fierce Highlander in the Highland Adventure Series.

This story starts with Chief Alasdair MacGrath who is injured in battle in enemy territory. A young woman named Gwyneth Carswell discovers him and decides to help heal him. She is a healer and despises violence but does not want this man to die. She is able to heal him and he escapes. Her clan chief and cousin discover that she aided the enemy and attacks her home, killing her closest friend. She takes her son Rory to the MacGrath lands seeking shelter and safety from her own clan. Alasdair grants her refuge in his home since she had saved his life. Gwyneth is determined to earn her keep so she and her son can return to England, away from constant feuds. However, danger follows her and that brings her and Alasdair closer. However, can love keep her from fleeing to England.

This book is approximately 250 pages. I read it in about 2 hours. If you enjoy romance and are looking for a quick afternoon read then this is it. I loved the story. However, be prepared for steamy scenes. If you aren’t a fan of numerous sex scenes then this may not be the book for you. I personally thought these scenes added some intense chemistry. I loved Alasdair. I thought he was noble and loyal. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Gwyneth, she was strong when she needed to be for her son, however, she was always unsure of herself.

I loved the story up until the end. The end seemed incredibly rushed. However, the author did a nice setup for book 2! Overall, this was a quick, easy and romantic read!

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