Fairy Tales: Poems for Adults by Beverly Holoka ~ Review

April is National Poetry Month! I love fairy tales and I love poetry so this seemed like the perfect combination! I have reviewed works by Beverly Holoka before and have always enjoyed them! Fairy Tales: Poems For Adults is 31 pages of wonderful poems inspired by fairy tales or even Holoka’s own stories. There are a few poems that are stories, just written in verse. Get drawn in with love, castles, mythological creatures, kings, queens, and knights. No matter what each poem contained, I enjoyed every single one.

I did have a few favorites:

*Waiting for You…Hopelessly

“This sunset is depressing for me

It was supposed to be ours not mine” -page 16

* Battle Against the King

“You realize you will lose this battle

Even as you plan my demise…

You realize you can KILL ME!

But never the truth inside.” -page 20

*She is the Phoenix

“The ashes hid her dark past…

The light illuminates her future.

Rebirth was the only option.

She’s brighter, higher, more beautiful than ever before.” -page 29

These poems all contain something meaningful. Some are delicate and heartfelt, some are passionate and determined! I loved the stories based on other fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland and Snow White. But I really loved the stories that the author created herself. Some poems are darker and are meant for adults.  If you love poetry and fairy tales then you will enjoy this delightful collection!


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