The Orphan’s Wish by Melanie Dickerson ~ARC Review~

I own every single Melanie Dickerson book. I absolutely love the Hagenheim Series. It all started with The Healer’s Apprentice where we watch Rose and Lord Hamlin fall in love. In The Orphan’s Wish, we meet Kirstyn, Rose and Lord Hamlin’s (now the Duke and Duchess) daughter. All her life, she has felt that she was not as unique or as talented as her brothers and sisters. However, she always felt special around Aladdin. Aladdin is an orphan from the Holy Land. He was brought to Hagenheim by a priest and was raised and taught alongside the Duke’s children. Aladdin and Kirstyn fall in love as they get older, but Aladdin cannot offer her the life she deserves as a steward to her father. So he ventures off to make his own success. However, once Aladdin leaves, Kirstyn is kidnapped. No one can find her and Aladdin uncovers a terrible plot that may result in losing Kirstyn forever.

Like I said earlier, I love these books. As you can tell, this is a retelling of the tale of Aladdin. However, I found that this story is more loosely based off of Aladdin, rather than a retelling. All of her other stories seem to follow the fairytales a little more than this one. I felt that this tale is really forced. First of all, I am not a fan of Aladdin being taken out of his homeland. I would have liked to learn about that culture and see him in his native land. I think this would have added a richness to the story.

However, I did love the characters. Aladdin is brave and hardworking. Kirstyn is sweet but a typical teenage girl. I wish there could be a little more substance to her character. Aladdin was just a joy to read about though. Although, I am slightly confused about why Kirstyn is on the cover and Aladdin in nowhere in sight? He is the main character. He is the orphan in the story and it is called The Orphan’s Wish. I do think the cover is absolutely gorgeous but it doesn’t really fit the story. The pacing is pretty much perfect! It is an entertaining read! I finished it in one day!

This is a fun read, especially for young adults or fans of Christian fiction. Overall, I enjoyed it, but it is not my favorite out of the series. (The Merchant’s Daughter and The Captive Maiden are my favorite.) I rate this book 3 out 5 stars! Check it out! However, if you have not read any other books in the series, I highly recommend reading the whole series first! Once you read the whole series you will be more familiar with this magical world and the lovable characters!


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