Pretty Girls Dancing by Kylie Brant ~Review~


In this year’s 2018 Book Challenge, there is one category that is getting a recommendation from a family member. My sister recommended Pretty Girls Dancing by Kylie Brant! It is definitely worth the read! Kelsey Willard disappeared after having a fight with her mother years ago. She was never found, and it was suspected that she was a victim of TMK, the Ten Mile Killer. She left behind a mother, who is addicted to pain pills and alcohol, a father, who has distanced himself from his family and a sister, named Janie who struggles with severe social anxiety. Their family is barely holding on by a thread. Then there is news of another missing girl named Whitney DeVries. Special Agent Mark Foster takes on the investigation in hopes to find Whitney before it is too late, and possibly solve Kelsey’s case as well. 

“Monsters looked just like the rest of us. And somehow, that made them even scarier.” –Pretty Girls Dancing by Kylie Brant

This story is dark and eerie. This is not a light read. This book is for those who enjoy crime and murder mystery. The book is named in the thriller category and I did not find it matched that category well. I felt it made a great murder mystery with dark themes. It wasn’t exactly suspenseful, however, it still is very compelling. Some moments are slow, but I felt that if the reader pays attention, then they will realize the development that the author is setting up in these moments. The story is told from many different perspectives, including Special Agent Foster, Whitney, Janie and Kelsey’s parents. It is very difficult to choose a favorite character because they were all so dynamic. If I told you my absolute favorite character that may give away some spoilers.

The author did a great job at making sure the storyline is woven perfectly. All the perspectives seem to move together flawlessly. One great aspect of the book of that the readers will never guess the ending! I love not knowing what will happen. The author also touches on themes such as grief, addiction, and anxiety. This book is well written and very engaging. Definitely worth the read!

Overall, I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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