Caged by Ellison Cooper ~Audiobook Review~

I came across this book randomly on Chirp. The description piqued my interest and I am a huge fan of thrillers. Caged by Ellison Cooper is narrated by Danielle Deadwyler. Agent Sayer Altair is not an ordinary FBI agent. She is also a neurologist who is examining the minds of serial killers. However, a new case will take her away from her research. The body of a young girl has been discovered in a basement, in a cage that is rigged with explosives. The young girl is identified as a Senator’s daughter who went missing a year before. Evidence shows that she had been tortured through ritualistic experiments and that she is also not the only one. Agent Altair must find out who the killer is before they get anyone else.

If you want a thriller, like an edge-of-your-seat, unpredictable thriller…then this is it. My favorite aspect about this book is the incredible detail in regards to the investigation. The author makes sure that it is all realistic and accurate, especially when it comes to the facts and the procedures. The author dives into the mythology behind the ritualistic torture.

Sayer Altair is an incredible main character. She is flawed and ruthless. She is focused and determined. After losing her parents, and then her fiance, she is closed off from the world, just focusing on her work. Throughout the novel, she is forced to recognize that is not how someone should live. Her development is quite wonderful and inspiring.

Danielle Deadwyler did a phenomenal job of reading this novel. Her voice is clear and animated. She really has a grasp on each character, making each one sounding just slightly different. And goodness, the emotion in her voice almost brought me to tears.

I rate this audiobook 5 out of 5 stars! If you love crime, horror, suspense, thrillers, etc.. then you need to read this book. I will definitely be reading the next book in the series. This book made me appreciate those agents who have to deal with these monsters in their everyday life.

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