Her Pretty Face by Robyn Harding ~Audiobook Review~

I do love a domestic thriller. Her Pretty Face by Robyn Harding is read by Rebecca Ross, Cassandra Campbell, and Kirby Heyborne. The book follows three points of view: Francis, DJ, and Daisy. Francis is a stay-at-home mom who struggles with her self esteem and a dark secret in her past. DJ is a young boy whose family goes through a traumatic experience. Daisy is a teen who struggles with a relationship with her mom. Francis is a pariah mom at her son’s private school since he struggles with getting along with the other kids. She does not fit in until the beautiful, confident Kate wants to become her friend. She seems like a normal woman, with a normal family, but slowly something seems off. Little does Francis know, Kate is not who she says she is, with a dark past of her own.

This felt more like a mystery and trying to solve a puzzle and not so much a domestic thriller. The dark secrets that haunt these women are dark indeed. Francis is definitely a woman many can relate to. She has a negative body image, has social anxiety, and struggles with parenting. Most importantly, she struggles to forgive herself for past mistakes. I do love her growth and development throughout the book. Daisy and DJ had to be my favorite characters. They endure so much as kids and I felt their outlooks on life are so realistic. I love that the author incorporates motherhood, marriage issues, mental health, and bullying throughout. Bullying can happen at any age and still have an effect on someone no matter the age.

The book flows perfectly. I was always intrigued and never felt that the pace was slow. One thing with thrillers or mysteries is that I HATE predictable endings! When I had completed 40% of the book, I swore I figured it out. BUT! I was wrong. There is a great twist that I did not expect. The ending was not completely satisfying in regards to Kate, kind of anti-climatic, but I did love the ending for Francis, DJ, and Daisy.

At first, I was not a fan of the narrators, they seemed almost stoic, not emotional but as I listened, I realized that is how the characters are intended to be. The narrators grew on me as the book went on and I was blown away by the emotion towards the end.

Overall, I rate this book 4 out 5 stars and I will definitely keep an eye out for more Robyn Harding books!!

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