My Son and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

It has been awhile, but yes, my son and I are still reading the Harry Potter books. We started Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when he started 1st grade. We have finally finished it and now he is starting second grade. We can only get through about 5-10 pages a night before he starts to fall asleep. (He is my good sleeper, he could sleep through the end of the world.)

Should I say spoiler alert? Well, just in case…SPOILER ALERT!
The Goblet of Fire really changed the dynamics of the series. My son realized that when Cedric died, nothing would be the same. He is 7 years old now, so a lot of the themes when over his head. For instance, the whole Cho-Harry fling. He did not get that and he had zero interest in that aspect of the storyline. Also, he wasn’t fully grasping the deep political transformation in the Ministry. However, he knew something is wrong.

One thing that really affected him, is the treatment of Harry. Bullying and isolation is something almost everyone can relate to, even a 7-year-old. Most people complain about the 5th book, saying that Harry is so melodramatic. My son did not feel that way. He realized that Harry was lonely.

My son also knows that Sirius Black is my favorite character. When I started crying during that battle, (I always do) he didn’t understand why. He thought Sirius was hurt and that he would be back. When we watched the movie, he had a deeper understanding of what happened to Sirius.

Lastly, he was very vocal about not liking Umbridge. He didn’t understand what she was trying to do but he knows she was not a nice person. We just started reading The Half-Blood Prince and I am eager to see how he will react.

I love making posts like this because it shows how much our kids do pay attention and understand more than we give them credit for. They are able to expand their imagination and empathize with the characters which I believe is critical growing up.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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