Forgotten Fate by Mia Pride ~Review~

Here it is! The finale to the Sisters of Danu Series. Forgotten Fate by Mia Pride is the third and final book and I am sad to see it end. In the last book, all the storylines had finally connected. This book takes place years later when the Sisters of Danu have children of their own who are grown and falling in love. They were told they were destined for something great. Their powers give them control over an element but years have gone by. Just when they think there is nothing more to the legend, war begins to loom. Only the Sisters of Danu, with the help of their loved ones, can turn the tide of war, but they will need faery relics to help them.

I read this book in an afternoon. I could not put it down. It is so bittersweet to see a lovely conclusion but at the same time, it leaves you wanting more. This book brings in so many more great characters. My favorite has to be Ceara’s daughter Aislin. I could read a whole series about her. She is such a fierce and unapologetic woman!

This final book definitely leans more into the folklore and legend than the previous books. There are more faeries present and the search for the relics makes for an exciting adventure. One of my favorite aspects in this book is the decision between what is right and wrong. All the characters seem to come to a point where they are tempted to make a selfish choice. However, the guilt and conflict add depth to all the characters.

This has been such a fantastic series and such a pleasure to read. I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars!

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