Ivory Gleam by Priya Dolma Tamang ~Review~

“So, beseech such speech
that unfurls no harm
on the other side stands
a heart unharmed…”

Speak Kind, Ivory Gleam

Ivory Gleam by Dr. Priya Dolma Tamang is a lovely collection of poetry and prose. The collection is broken up into three sections: Colloquial Delicacy of Learning, Soliloquy of Longing, and Chivalry of Loving. The poetry spans many different themes from birth to death.

*Trigger Warning*

Some themes that are discussed are depression and suicide.

A few of my favorite poems are: Speak Kind, Free Spirit, Stardust, Broken, Woman, Letting Go, and Three Words.

There are also a few discussions that I adored: On Self-Love, On Ignorance, and On Mindfulness.

“If you do not control your mind, your mind will control you…”

On Mindfulness, Ivory Gleam

The book is roughly 200 pages, but overall it is a quick read. The poems and prose are engaging and relatable. The author’s words touch the soul. They are passionate and emotional. If you love poetry then this is a collection for you.
I rate this collection 5 out of 5 stars.

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