Devushka by Simon Pearce ~Review~

Devushka: A Winter’s Tale by Simon Pearce brings together many different elements. The story opens up in Russia in the early 1900s. The story is narrated by a mysterious trickster. After a prank gone wrong, the story introduces Aleksandra who witnesses the prank. She is a young girl and witnessing this one prank triggers a series of events that make her leave home. She then travels to St. Petersburg. She is able to find work but times are changing. The people of Russia are growing tired and Russia is on the brink of Revolution. Meanwhile, Aleksandra is trying to figure out her place in this world.

This is such a unique story. This book feels like historical fiction but is filled with mysticism. The author really captures the unease during this time in Russia. I love how it is from the perspective of the working and laboring class. Normally, this story focuses on the revolution with Tsar and his family.

The main aspect is how powerful the concept of a belief is…and how it can change everything. I also love how the ending leaves everything up to the reader’s belief and for them to make their own conclusions.

The pace can be a little slow in places and the point of view does switch quite often. However, it does not take away from the enjoyment of the story. So I rate this story 4 out of 5 stars!

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