War of the Wolf by Bernard Cornwell ~Audiobook Review~

11 down and 1 to go before I am all caught up with the Saxon Stories! The 13th and final book will be out this Fall and I cannot WAIT! I am also missing the adaptation show, The Last Kingdom something fierce! War of the Wolf by Bernard Cornwell is the 11th book in the series.


Uhtred has finally done it!!! He has finally taken control of his family home of Bebbanburg. This has been a moment 10 books in the making! In that time he has fought for the Saxon’s and the Danes and every time his dream of going home has been pushed back. But now a new danger has arisen. Well, technically two dangers. Enemies are fortifying in Wessex because the king is aging and Aethelflaed has died. Then the Norseman, Skoll, has come to conquerer Northumbria. He is evil and fierce. But Skoll crosses a line. Now Uhtred will stop at nothing until Skoll is dead.

Stop playing with my emotions, Bernard Cornwell. I started this book so happy. Uhtred’s dream of going home has come true. Then one of his loved ones is killed. WHY?!?!?! I know it happens but it BROKE MY HEART. Uhtred doesn’t really show his emotions, except for his temper. His inner turmoil over this loss will make anyone blink away a few tears. He just can’t catch a break. -I know, I say that in every review. But thank god, he has Finan. If Finan dies, I will riot.-I know, I have said this before too.

As always the historical and battle detail is unrivaled. Matt Bates is the narrator once again and as always, he is amazing. He captures every character, every moment, and every emotion perfectly! This book gets 5 out of 5 stars! I can’t wait to start book 12!

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