The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon ~Audiobook Review~

I don’t read a lot of Young Adult but I will ALWAYS read anything by Nicola Yoon. The Sun is Also a Star would be hard to top after Everything, Everything. But Nicola Yoon knocked it out of the park. We are introduced to Natasha who believes in hard facts and science. She lives in New York but her family immigrated there from Jamaica when she was a kid. However, now she is being deported and she has one final day to try to fix it. Then there is Daniel, a romantic and a poet. He is a Korean-American that is preparing for college interviews to pursue the dreams of his family. They are not necessarily his dreams but he cannot disappoint his family and throw away all their hard work. Somehow all these events collide and Natasha and Daniel meet but the future remains uncertain.

“Maybe part of falling in love with someone else is also falling in love with yourself.”

The Sun is Also a Star

Observable Fact: This book shines!

It really makes one think about all the little details in the world, even in the universe, which have led us to where we are in our current life. Natasha doesn’t believe in love, only scientific fact–something you can observe and analyze. I just love her. She says what is on her mind and is just fierce. Daniel is determined to convince her love is more than just hormones. He is just adorable. But they both have one thing in common…determination. One thing that I love as that most of this book takes place over the course of one day, except for the epilogue.

The second amazing aspect of this story is it is not just about fate and love but the representation and the hardships they face. They have different backgrounds but have lived in America for most of their life. Natasha has lived in America for most of her life and doesn’t remember much of Jamaica. Her father desperately wanted the American Dream and one mistake leads to deportation even though their whole lives are in America. The book dives into the deportation process and how difficult it is to be successful and get permanent citizenship. Then Daniel is a Korean-American. He is a first-generation American. He struggles with going down his own path rather than the path his strict Korean parents have set for him. Daniel is more kind and willing to make his parents proud but also struggles with his identity as a Korean-American. Not as much as his brother, Charlie. Charlie has bitterness towards his Korean heritage that Daniel does not understand. Both of them face racism and conflict. Because of this representation, and seeing this conflict, it helps me learn about these races.

The final aspect that I love is the theme of family. Both of these families are different and they both want what is best for their children. It also shows distance and hostility. Natasha and her father have become distant. Charlie and Daniel have never gotten along and their relationship is quite the opposite of brotherly.

Now, I wish I could talk about that ending. But alas, spoilers. The narrators are Bahni Turpin, Dominic Hoffman, and Raymond Lee. They are phenomenal and bring each character to life! 5 out of 5 stars for this heartwarming book. Also, I will read anything by Nicola Yoon…I am starting the movie in 3…2…1…

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