Mismatched Under the Mistletoe by Jess Michaels ~Review~

Thank you, Jess Michaels, NetGalley, and The Passionate Pen for the opportunity to read this book!

Mismatched Under the Mistletoe by Jess Michaels is a historical romance perfect for the holiday season. The author writes such a sweet dedication hoping that this book will help raise the reader’s spirits after this dreadful year. So I was sold immediately. We all need a little joy this holiday season. John Cavendish has been in love with Emily Rutledge for 9 years. However, she was married to his best friend. He did what is best and hid his feelings and supported his best friend and his wife…until his best friend died. John and Emily leaned on each other in their grief and became each other’s best friends. Now that it has been 5 years, the intense grief has passed and Emily decides to host a Christmas party to matchmake some of her friends…but it is her heart that is at risk, not her friends.

This is just what is needed for this Christmas season! It has a little bit of hope, love, friendship, and spice! Cav and Emily have such a beautiful relationship. But I have always had a weakness for a best friends to lovers trope. Cav is said to a rake but I saw no evidence of that. Emily is his world. He would move heaven and earth for her. The most touching part is that he gives her time. In so many books that I have read, the men want an answer immediately. He never pressures her into a situation that makes her uncomfortable. It is absolutely touching. Speaking of touching…their chemistry is off the charts.

The book is roughly 170 pages, so it is short and sweet. However, I do wish that we got some more details about the other guests and the matchmaking. They are only in the background of the story. I was hoping for at least one match! BUT! I do love that one of the characters is LGBTQ+ and that scene is both made me so happy but also broke my heart at the same time. I am always happy to see representation, maybe this character can star in their own story?

Overall, I read this book in just a few hours and loved it from start to finish! So I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars!

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