A Captive of Wing and Feather by Melanie Cellier ~Audiobook Review~

A Captive of Wing and Feather by Melanie Cellier is the fifth book in the Beyond the Four Kingdoms and a retelling of Swan Lake. Princess Adelaide is the sister of Prince Dominic who disappeared when his kingdom was cursed. She found safety in a place far away and has even made friends. Until the Lord of her new home puts her under a curse. But she manages just fine. That is until an old childhood comes to town and puts everything at risk. Prince Gabriel is a troublemaker. Not only that, he believes that Adelaide’s curse may be linked to the darkness that is spreading in his country. In a way, they both need each other more than they could ever predict.

I love Swan Lake! Melanie Cellier does a wonderful job at capturing the aesthetic–it is enchanting and dark all at the same time. Plus I have been dying to know what happened to Adelaide ever since I read A Tale of Beauty and the Beast. Adelaide is a dream! For a fictional character, under a curse, she is so relatable. She is haunted by her past, betrayed by her family. She craves love and family but cannot trust anyone, except a small few. But she definitely can’t trust anyone with her heart. But Gabriel is so charming and brazen. They are opposites but are made for each other.

This story moves at a wonderful pace. Adelaide’s curse is mysterious, so it takes a while to see the full nature of it unfold. However, the twists and turns in this retelling will keep readers on their toes. One of my favorite aspects is how she integrated the swans into the story.

As always, Esther Wane is marvelous as the narrator!–Also just look at that cover!!! If that isn’t enough to reel you in, then I don’t know what will! I rate this installment 5 out of 5 stars!

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