~Tolkien Tuesday~ The Silmarillion Chapter 7/8 ~Late Post~

Let’s just pretend for the sake of this post that it is Tuesday and not Wednesday. Award season is upon us for InD’Tale Magazine, so that is keeping me a little extra busy write now. But anyway… Of the Silmarils and the Unrest of the Noldor and Of the Darkness of Valinor is where things REALLY start picking up in the Silmarillion. I have been thinking a lot about the Amazon series and whether or not they will be including some of this history. They will need to do it just write because it is so intricate. Everything is connected. Every cause has an effect even if it doesn’t occur right away.

Last week we discussed Feanor and the background of his family. In this section, he takes the light of the Two Trees and creates 3 great jewels called The Silmarils. —DUN DUN. I love that moment when you see where the title gets its origins. Many wanted these jewels, none more so than Melkor…

“From that time forth, inflamed by this desire, he sought ever more eagerly how he should destroy Feanor and end the friendship of the Valar and the Elves.”

The Silmarillion

One thing is for certain, Melkor is crafty. He isn’t just going to declare war or stab someone outright. No. He works in the shadows and spreads lies and rumors which causes the peace of Valinor to be poisoned.

The Noldor make weapons, but Feanor has a secret forge and makes his own weapons. He is great at creating things, but he does not think his decisions through. The discontent between Feanor and his stepbrothers: Fingolfin and Finarfin. One of Melkor’s rumors was that Fingolfin was trying to usurp him as heir. Then Feanor drew his blade on his brother! Now, this is a BIG no-no. This is part of history that Tolkien included in his works. It is common in Norse and Germanic traditions to not draw weapons in the hall. So for this, Feanor is banished. With this discontent, the Two Trees begin to dim.

Feanor has always distrusted Melkor and once his intentions were known, Melkor departed Valinor. Orome and Tulkas tried to seek him out but could not find him. He was up to something more sinister than they could imagine. He goes to the dark region of Avathar and seeks out Ungoliant. Ungoliant is terrifying. She is an evil spirit that takes the shape of a giant spider. She feeds on light. With her help, Melkor was able to smite the Two Trees of Valinor. Now the light of the Two Trees exist only in the Silmarils.

Could you just imagine this section being adapted to film? These two sections alone would need to be at least one season.

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