The Princess Fugitive by Melanie Cellier ~Review~

The Princess Fugitive by Melanie Cellier is the 2nd book in The Four Kingdoms series and is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. The political intrigue from the first book The Princess Companion flows right through to this book. Everyone loves a good villain to hero story, right? This book stars Ava, a princess who has been trained since birth to be a weapon, especially utilizing her looks. When her mission to marry into the kingdom of Arcadia fails, she heads back to her home. One night, she foils an assassination attempt. It could only be her father or brother who would try to assassinate her, so she and her loyal guard, Hans flee from the danger. They catch up with a merchant caravan, but danger follows them. Ava has to start making decisions on how to protect herself, but most importantly…her people who will be at the mercy of cruel ruler if she does not succeed.

YES! It is rare to come across a good villain to hero story. This story is filled with so many complex character arcs that link to other books in the series. The first book, while I enjoyed it, does not even come close to this installment. I absolutely loved the symbolism involved in the story. The wolf is Ava. She has to work to change herself.–Not the strength of her character, but the selfishness, anger, and cruel aspects of herself. She has to learn to think of others before herself and learn the true meaning of forgiveness.

The love story is wonderful! It builds up throughout the book and it left me wanting more. But the most heartwarming part is the friendships Ava makes along the way. The only aspect that let me down is how little she does in the trials. I felt she could have done more, with her friends being a more supportive role. However, I am very eager to see what awaits in the next book! I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars!

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