~Tolkien Tuesday~ The Silmarillion Chapters 17/18

“Wisdom was in the words of the Elven-King, and their hearts grew wiser that hearkened to him; for the Things of which he sang, of the making of Arda, and the bliss of Aman beyond the shadows of the sea, came as clear as visions before their eyes, and his Elvish speech was interpreted in each mind according to its measure.”

The Silmarillion

PSA: I just got my second COVID shot and it is beating me up, so if this post doesn’t make any sense just roll with it.

Of the Coming of Men into the West is such a pivotal chapter in The Silmarillion. The Men who have been wandering in the East have finally made their way West. This will set the stage for future events. I think this part of Tolkien’s history could also compare to the migration of the Norse and Anglo-Saxons to Britain. Finrod Felagund sees lights that can’t possibly be the Green-Elves. Turns out it is a tribe of Men, and this is the first time Men and Elves meet. There are Three Great Houses: House of Beor, House of Haladin, and House of Marach (or House of Hador.) Beor the chieftain of House of Beor was the first men to cross the Blue Mountains and enter Beleriand. In the House of Haladin, it was named after Haldad who had twins named Haldar and Haleth. Haldar is a valent son, and Haleth is a woman of great strength and heart. After the coming of Men, Morgoth attacks again. Haldad and Haldar are slain, so Haleth is CHIEF. She never marries. Another amazing female character that often gets overlooked! Her bravery never ceases. She is determined to keep going West, despite how dangerous it is. Some of her people decide to stay, and some are loyal to her which causes the house to disperse. After the battles with Morgoth, Fingolfin gives lordships to Men and these lords and their descendants will change Middle-Earth.

*Hador (lordship given by Fingolfin)
/ \
Galdor Gundor
/ \
Morwen-Hurin Huor-Rian
/ \
Turin Tuor
Earendil the Blessed-Elwing

*Boromir son of Boron (lordship given by Fingolfin)
/ \
Bregolas Barahir
/ \ \
Baragund Belegund Beren-Luthien, Thingol’s daughter
/ \ \
Hurin- Morwen Huor – Rian Elwing-Earendil the Blessed
| |
Turin Tuor

Of the Ruin of Beleriand and the Fall of Fingolfin is tragic and also leads into some of the greatest of Tolkien’s story—*ahem* Beren and Luthien. Angband has been strangely quiet until Morgoth sends rivers of flame and also Glaurung the Golden, Father of Dragons, behind him come the Balrogs, and then behind them are the Orcs. Grey Elves flee South. The Sons of Finfarin receive most of the attack. Angrod, Aegnor, Bregolas, Hador, and many others are slain. Fingolfin decides that the end is here and challenges Morgoth to single combat.

“for a great madness of rage was upon him, so that his eyes shone like the eyes of the Valar…”

The Silmarillion

He made a valiant effort but Morgoth defeated him.

Then enter my favorites: The Eagles.

Thorondor marred Morgoth’s face, grabbed Fingolfin’s body, and carried the news to Gondolin, where the despair was palpable.

Hopefully next weeks post will be better. Being fully vaccinated is worth it though!

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