My Brave Highlander by Vonda Sinclair ~Review~

My Brave Highland by Vonda Sinclair is book 3 in the Highland Adventure Series. And I have to say, I think it is my favorite so far. This installment showcases Dirk, a friend of Lachlan from the previous book! Dirk is a hardened warrior but has a secret. He is the son of a laird who is dying. He has kept his family name a secret because his stepmother has been trying to kill him all his life. So he escaped and changed his name until it was time to return and claim his lairdship. Well, the time is now. On his way home, he comes across a young woman named Isobel and her maid. It is freezing and they just so happen to have previously met when they were young. Isobel is escaping her future brother-in-law who attacked her. Dirk rescues her and intends to return her to her brother, but that is if he doesn’t fall in love with her first…

Unlike the last book, I really loved this romance between Dirk and Isobel. (Can we get Rebbie’s story now?!?!) I love how Isobel takes charge and won’t be a pawn amongst the men surrounding her. It is also quite comical how Dirk tries to resist her. Poor guy doesn’t stand a chance. As always, there is suspense and a great villain that will keep readers on their toes! The characters are a delight and I am here for Rebbie and Dirk and their banter. There were moments where I laughed out loud. They are best friend goals!

Another thing that I absolutely adore about Vonda Sinclair’s stories is the description of the setting! I always feel as if I am there and I can picture it so vividly! While these books can be read as a standalone, I do suggest starting with book one as it adds so much more to the series as a whole. I can’t wait to pick up book 4, as there is a little teaser at the end! I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars!

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