Still Alive by Forrest Galante ~ARC Review~

“But hand in hand with the hopefulness created by our discovery, I need to make an important point: extinction is serious.”

Still Alive

Thank you so much Forrest Galante and Hachette Books for the opportunity to read this book that will hit shelves on June 1st!!!!

Still Alive: A Wild Life of Rediscovery by Forrest Galante is both a memoir and a plea for conservation. Forrest Galante was raised in Zimbabwe and in his words, “it was idyllic!” He loves Zimbabwe, the people and the animals. As a teenager, they had to flee to the United States where he had to adapt to a completely new environment. They settled in Oakland, California. It wasn’t the worst thing to ever happen to him because that is where he met his future wife and realized what he wanted to do with his life. His passion is wildlife biology and conservation. From being a success on the show, Naked and Afraid, to getting his own series, Extinct or Alive, he has been driven by his passion for animals and not television entertainment.

“As a scientist, I can’t tell you that the Earth care about you, but it without a doubt sustains you; and if you care for the Earth, you will be repaid tenfold.”

Still Alive

This is an incredible book! The author’s passion for conservation is palpable! I really loved his ability to adapt to any environment. The one environment you can tell he is not exactly comfortable in is the television environment—and who could blame him. I really agreed with him about his thoughts regarding the History Channel. Every time I have tried to watch The History Channel it is only hours of Pawn Stars, American Pickers, and Ancient Aliens—what happened to actual documentaries—BRING BACK ENGINEERING AN EMPIRE WITH PETER WELLER. Ahem. Sorry. I got sidetracked. Most of the book goes back and forth with him dealing with producers and heads of networks to actually being in the field. I prefer reading about all the fieldwork. Speaking of which, did Kendyl survive the infection from the tick?

I really did appreciate his arguments about certain topics and seeing things from his perspective. The whale footage he got should have been released. I was also interested in his thoughts regarding the Coronavirus. The book goes right up to when COVID-19 hit. He discusses wet markets, which are markets that provide fresh meat for those who don’t have refrigeration. It is really hard to how to respond to this. While this provides food for mainly those in poverty, there is no regulation, and with that comes cross-contamination and the evolution of certain viruses and bacteria. For many scientists, the rise of COVID-19 was not a surprise, only a matter of time. All in all, I devoured this book! I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars!

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