~Tolkien Tuesday~ The Silmarillion Ch. 22-24

It all comes to an end in chapters 22, 23, and 24. In a similar fashion to The One Ring, the Silmarils also have an effect on those around them. These chapters not only discuss the end to the saga of the Silmarils, but we can see how these events set the groundwork for the future of Middle-Earth.

In Chapter 22, Hurin is released by Morgoth and spending twenty-eight years in Angband. With this immense amount of torture, Morgoth is counting on his release to bring more chaos. With his release, there is the Fall of Gondolin and strife created between the Elves and Dwarves. Hurin goes to Gondolin and therefore leading Morgoth to Gondolin’s location. This actually happens in Chapter 23: Morgoth releases Balrogs, Orcs, and Dragons. The city is lost and Turgon’s daughter, Idril, and her husband, Tuor flee the city with their son Earendil. While the loss is immense, Earendil fleeing by sea is very important because later on he becomes a voyager. His travels will lead him West to request the aid of the Valar. But back to Hurin… now he is in the ruins of Nargothrond and finds the Nauglamir. The Nauglamir is a beautiful necklace made by the Dwarves and given to Finrod. He takes this necklace to Thingol–which triggers another domino effect. Thingol then takes the Silmaril that Beren gave him and sets it in the necklace. However, the Dwarves want the necklace. Not only does Thingol deny them, but he also insults them. His hatred and pride ultimately lead to his demise. The Dwarves slaughter Thingol–which leads to the destruction of Doriath.

In Chapter 23, enter Earendil. He is the result of the prophecy told in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears. As I said before, his escape as a child is so critical to the ending of the story. For in Chapter 24, Earendil marries Elwing. Morgoth is raising his forces again, so Earendil sails to Valinor to ask for help taking him down. They meet Eonwe who is a herald for Manwe. They take a massive force to Middle-Earth resulting in Morgoth’s destruction. Morgoth is then trapped in the Void. Even though he is destroyed, the destruction he brought remains–For some of dragons survive and also a very important character, Sauron. Earendil and Elwing’s marriage also results in the birth of Elrond. All these events will continue on, as we all know.

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