A Good Marriage by Kimberly McCreight ~Review~

Thank you, Kimberly McCreight and Harper Perennial for the opportunity to read this book!

A Good Marriage by Kimberly McCreight is a legal thriller that has multiple perspectives. Amanda is found dead in her home after a party and the only person present is her husband, Zach. He is then arrested and thrown into Rikers. That is where Lizzie comes in. She went to law school with Zach but doesn’t expect him to call her from prison. She is reluctant to take on his case but she believes he is innocent, but the police believe he is the murderer. So it is up to her to investigate the murder. The problem is that Amanda didn’t talk about her past and each discovery exposes the horror that she was running from and now Zach isn’t the only suspect.

Trigger Warning: murder, sexual assault

This book is what you would call a slow-burn thriller. It starts off slow and establishes the characters and the holes in their stories. Amanda’s story really broke my heart. She has a horrifying past that still haunts her. Plus, there is the fact that she is an absolutely devoted mother. Her son is her last thought before she dies and with the lack of family, there is no one left to support him. Zach is his father but also a raging narcissist who cares more about getting out of prison than what happened to his wife. Lizzie is a great character. Does she make bad decisions? Yes, but don’t we all? The author really makes her face those decisions and face the consequences, and that is what is important. There is the issue of introducing her father issues that never really got resolved? It just felt as if it was an unnecessary part of the novel.

I did love all the twists! I did predict who the killer was but every twist kept me on my toes. But don’t get me started on Amanda’s “friends.” Sarah is so frustrating and the worst kind of friend that anyone could have. I was really hoping that she received more consequences for her decisions. Overall, I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars!

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