~Tolkien Tuesday: The Silmarillion~Akallabeth~

The section Akallabeth chronicles the downfall of Numenor. Atalante is the Quenya word. Does Atalante look familiar? Numenor is a nation that sinks below the sea. Yep. This is Tolkien’s retelling of Atlantis. This section of the book is actually pretty small but VERY DENSE!

Who are the Numenoreans? They are the Men who aided the Elves in their fight against Melkor. They are mortal, but their lives are longer than the average Man. Aragorn is a descendant of the Numenoreans. They were granted the land. Over time there was a division among the Numenoreans. The Faithful consisted of Elendil and his sons Anarion and Isildur. —Yes. That Isildur.

But Isildur was well-known way before this iconic moment. One of the things that stands out the most to me in this section is the rise of power in Numenor and the eventual disregard for the land. As we know, Tolkien loved trees, plant life, and the countryside and had a disdain for growing development. Well, Sauron eventually corrupts the King and orders the destruction of The White Tree, Nimloth. Isildur disguises himself and takes a fruit from the tree and plants it elsewhere. He almost died for this. But as we know just from The Lord of the Rings, how important The White Tree is to the Gondorians. –which Isildur will rule when they flee Numenor. Anyway, I think this is very telling how the disregard for the Earth will eventually lead to its ultimate destruction. I think Tolkien would be very concerned about the state of our planet now.

Please forgive any errors in this post. Our power has been out and we have no clue when it will be back, so editing is difficult on my phone. It is currently 90°F in Southern California and I am in my car while my oldest is at Taekwondo practice. But anyway, enjoy and next week will be my final post about The Silmarillion.

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