The Faberge Secret by Charles Belfoure ~ARC Review~

Thank you NetGalley, Charles Belfoure, and Severn House Publishers for the opportunity to read this book.


I was so excited to jump into The Faberge Secret by Charles Belfoure. The premise sounded promising! It was the second time it was published, so I figured if there were any errors, then they would be fixed. The Faberge Secret takes place in the court of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. The Court is dazzling but the people of Russia are suffering. Then there is the massacre of the Jewish people. Dimitri loves his position at court but is shocked by the treatment of the Jewish people. He then meets a female doctor who helps expose him to the atrocities committed on the Jewish people.

Trigger Warnings: Anti-Semitism, Murder, Genocide

See? The plot is intriguing and important as it shows the atrocities committed against the Jewish People in Russia. Then that cover is STUNNING. It is not my intention to rip apart this author’s work but I do want to point out the issues I had with the book. So what is the problem? First of all, the plot seemed all over the place. The pace of the novel suffered as a result. It could really use some content editing to keep the novel on track with the main plot. Dimitri is friends with the Tsar so he condemns the actions but is also still his friend? I feel like there were other ways of handling that situation.

Then, there is just the overwhelming amount of grammatical errors and strange sentence structure. For example:

“Then there were private balls like Dimitri’s and Lara’s held Dimitri liked American women.”

The Faberge Secret

See what I mean? This should have never made it past the editing stage. If this book goes through a thorough content and grammar editing process then it would definitely shine a little brighter! I rate this book 1 out of 5 stars. There is also one thing I would like to state: my copy of this book had some format errors. Paragraphs were often mixed up from page to page. Since this is a formatting issue, I did not include this issue in my overall rating.

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