Tolkien Tuesday: The Unfinished Tales~A Description of the Island of Numenor

“Even such documents as were preserved in Gondor, or in Imladris (where in the care if Elrond were deposited the surviving treasures of the Northern Numenorean kings) suffered loss and destruction by neglect…”

The Unfinished Tales

Christopher Tolkien really adopted his Dad’s way of writing. Their writing makes it feel real, as was Tolkien’s intention. He wanted to create a mythology for England. So when reading chapters like this one, it feels as if your reading about a place that really exists. While this isn’t the most exciting of chapters, it gives the feel of studying history.

The Island of Numenor is shaped like a 5-pointed star with 6 main regions. Forostar (the North), Andustar (the West), Hyarnustar (the South), Hyarristar (South East), and Orrostar (East). The central region is Mittalmar which contains a large mountain called Pillar of the Heavens. This is where the Numenoreans worship Eru Illuvatar. The Valley in the Roots of the mountain is called, The Valley of the Tombs where the Kings and Queens of Numenor are laid to rest.

We know that the story of the fate of the Island of the Numenoreans is based on the myth of Atlantis. We also get a glimpse of what the people of Numenor were like. They lived their horses–but treated them honorably, not like the horses worked for them. They were also amazing craftsman and known for their weaponry. Shooting bows while on horseback was feared by all the enemies.

Like I said, it is a brief chapter but I love getting the background information about the Island. Again, please forgive any errors, my internet is down again and I have no way of checking for errors. Until next week!

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