Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough ~Review~

“Everyone has secrets, Lou,” she says. “Everyone should be allowed their secrets. You can never know everything about a person. You’d go mad trying to.”

Behind Her Eyes

Mad is right. Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough will leave you speechless. There are three perspectives in this novel. Louise, Adele, and Before. Louise is a single mom, working to keep her little family unit afloat. She doesn’t ever go out and when she does, she ends the night making out with a gorgeous guy named David. It turns out that David is her new boss. They try to ignore their feelings but it obvious there is an attraction there. But David is married. The woman who Louise ran into (literally) after dropping off her son, then invited her to coffee is Adele…and also David’s wife. Louise knows her affair with David is wrong, but she truly does love her friendship with Adele. But she can’t bring herself to ruin either relationship. Louise’s sleep is awful and Adele tries to help her with lucid dreaming. The book she gives her does help but is also some mention of secrets of David and Adele’s past. Louise starts to worry that there is something very wrong with them.


Trigger Warnings: Mental Health, Mention of Suicide, Murder

How do I describe this book? Absolutely bizarre!!! Will I be watching the show? Absolutely. Did I love this book? No. I did enjoy it, but it was the ending that made the story. I felt for Louise. She is a wonderful single mother but she definitely has her insecurities. I felt that she had no right to judge anyone’s relationship because she was a huge part of their relationship! It was really her son that I felt for, after that ending, he knows something is wrong and his whole world is about to change.

I did love the writing style! It kept me engaged. But the lucid dreaming lost me. I didn’t realize how important it was to the plot until I got to the end. I wasn’t a fan of Adele, but when I got to the end, I realized why. So I felt bad that I judged her. David sucked. I understand he was in a difficult situation but he could have handled everything differently. I did think I had the ending all figured out but then about 50 pages from the end I realized how wrong I was! I do love an unpredictable ending. I know. My feelings are all other the place. I enjoyed it, not the characters, but the ending helped. So I am gonna give this book 3 out of 5 stars on this one. Now, I have to watch the show. Preferably with my husband because I have to see his reaction.

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