Behind Her Eyes: The Book vs. The Series

Ok, here it is! I just finished watching the Netflix series, Behind Her Eyes after finishing the book that is written by Sarah Pinborough. I already reviewed the book and if you missed it just click here.

So now you know my thoughts about the book. I hated the characters. I enjoyed the writing. It kept me engaged. That ending is BIZARRE. So I was willing to see how the show would be.

Louise is played by Simona Brown. Adele by Eve Hewson and David by Tom Bateman. So here it is. I liked the show more than a movie. Go ahead…gasp and shout. But it’s true. In the book, I hated the characters. In the show, I felt that the actors did SO well that I can see how they made the decisions that they made. In the book, I was frustrated with Louise. I wanted to feel for her but she just made stupid decisions but with the movie, I felt I connected with her a little better and I could really see how she felt.

Another thing that I enjoyed about the show is that even though I already knew what was happening, I was still shocked by the ending. I knew it was coming and I knew what was happening but I still reacted to the ending. I was never bored.

I do think that the author took a lot of liberties with lucid dreaming and may have even confused it with astral projection. The movie did feel more mystical than the book did.

Overall, the ending is what makes this story. It is something that I did not find predictable and is a huge deal for me. So what did you think? Have you read the book or seen the show? Tell me your thoughts!

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