Tolkien Tuesday: The Unfinished Tales~The Line of Elros~

This section is just a list of the Kings of Numenor from Elros to its fall. The Numenoreans lived considerably longer than Men but not as long as Elves. It is customary for the kings to pass the sceptre of kingship to the heir before the death but as you will see that changes throughout the history.

*Tar-Minyatur rules for 410 years

*Vardamir Nolimin reigned for year technically as he passed it to his son soon after.

*Tar-Amandil rules for 148 years

*Tar-Elendil ruled for 150 years

*Tar-Meneldur who we met in the previous section ruled for 143 years and thanks to his son became aware of the evil rising in Middle Earth.

*Tar-Aldarion ruled for 192 years

*Tar-Alcalime is the first QUEEN of Numenor and ruled for 205 years

*Tar-Andarian ruled for 114 years

*Tar-Surion was actually a younger brother but his elder sisters refused the sceptre

*Tar-Telperien is the 2nd Queen if Numenor and never marries but rules for 175 years.

*Tar-Minastir gave a fleet to Gil-Galad to fight Sauron and ruled for 138 years

*Tar-Ciryatan ruled for 160 years but was cruel, greedy, and oppressive.

*Tar-Atanamir the Great must have learned a thing or two from his father because he refused to give up the sceptre and ruled for 192 years

*Tar-Ancalimon reign lasted 165 years bit this is when the rift among the Numenoreans began.

*Tar-Telemaite ruled for 140 years and the tradition of kings ruling until death begins

With the rift, notice the rapid decrease in the length of one’s rule.

*Tar-Vanimelde is a Queen for 111 years but she doesn’t really rule. Her husband, Herucalmo maintains all the power

*Tar-Alcarin rules for 80 years

*Tar-Calmacil rules for 88 years but he triggers the hate of Sauron

*Tar-Ardamin rules for 74 years

*Ar-Adunakhor rules for 63 years but also takes the sceptre in Adunaic tongue

*Ar-Zimrathon reigns for 71 years

*Ar-Sakalthor rules for 69 years

*Ar-Gimilzor rules for 75 years and is considered the greatest enemy to the Eldar

*Tar-Palantir ruled for 78 years and brought rhe friendship back with the Eldar

Ar-Pharazon is considered the mightiest king of Numenor and ruled for 64 years

Tar-Miriel is a Queen

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