~August Week 2 TBR~

Happy Monday! School starts this week. While I am excited that my boys are starting school, I am nervous given the rising cases of the new COVID variants. More children have been testing positive and while it may not be severe, we have no way of knowing how this will affect them as they get older. Unfortunately, I think it is only a matter of time before the schools go back to virtual learning. So I plan to use this week to my advantage by getting as much work done as possible. I have three amazing reads planned!

The first I received from Hachette Books and is called Don’t Forget Us Here by Mansoor Adayfi. It is about his time that he spent in Guantanamo after being imprisoned even though he was innocent. This book releases on August 17th!

The second book I received from Harper Perennial and is titled What White People Can Do Next by Emma Dabiri. I read her previous book Twisted and I learned so much, so I can’t wait to start this one!

And last, but certainly not the least is Carved in Stone by Elizabeth Camden which I received from Bethany House Publishers and releases on August 31st! I absolutely adore Elizabeth Camden’s books and this is the first book in a brand new series.

So this looks like it is going to be a good week for reading! Now please, wear your masks and get vaccinated! The only way this is ever going to go away is if we work together!

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