Carved in Stone by Elizabeth Camden ~ARC Review~

“You can ignore those not born into wealth and leisure, or you can open your heart to people who work with their hands and minds to make the world a better place…

Carved in Stone

I absolutely love when Elizabeth Camden comes out with a new series. Empire State and Hope and Glory are some of my favorites! So I was eager to dive into Carved in Stone which is the first book in The Blackstone Legacy series. In this series, she is inspired by JP Morgan and the history and rising power of banks and capitalism. Gwen Kellerman loves her home that is nestled in the Blackstone college and hosts all kinds of professors and pioneers of education and science. Her husband died years before but it wasn’t a happy marriage. Her only care now is making sure Blackstone receives the funding to keep making advancements in medical research. However, she is the heiress of the Blackstone family who has the money and power and is often riddled in scandal. Patrick O’Neill is a lawyer who has worked hard for everything and has such a giving heart. His next case, although, requires him to help a man who is writing a book which contains information about the Blackstones. That information is linked to the missing Blackstone boy, who was also Gwen’s brother. Two worlds collide with love, classism, and mystery.

Elizabeth Camden never disappoints! I always find myself completely immersed in her stories-which always contain imperfect characters trying to find their way into the world. But there is always a woman ahead of her time. Gwen is that woman in this story. While it was hard to like her at first because of her naivety and privilege, she grows on you, especially when she is exposed to the realities of the world around her. One of the truly difficult things she must endure is realizing her family isn’t the ideal family she thought they were. Patrick O’Neill is the quintessential Irishman who came to the United States with his mother for a better life. He knows how hard life can be, especially when those around you won’t give you a chance. I love his patience with Gwen as she comes to understand her privilege.

Not only are the characters wonderful with amazing chemistry but there is a mystery and innovation intertwined that gives this story so much depth. Gwen realizes how important it is to find out what happened to her brother, while Patrick sees the benefits of scientific breakthroughs in regards to vaccinations.

As always, the historical details are phenomenal and I am already counting down for book two! I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars!

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