The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben ~Audiobook Review~

“When you know that trees experience pain and have memories and that tree parents live together with their children, then you no longer just chop them down and disrupt their lives with larger machines.”

Peter Wohlleben

Do you want to know my first impression of The Hidden Life of Trees? I thought JRR Tolkien wrote it. It is actually written by Peter Wohlleben. –Who has also become one of my favorites and I will read anything he writes! In this book, Peter Wohlleben discusses new scientific evidence regarding trees. He is a German forester who lives among the trees and learns from them. One of the biggest topics he discusses is mychorrhizal networks. It is a fungi filament that connects the roots. Scientists and Peter Wohlleben that these networks have many benefots for forests, like communication.

“Nevertheless, I have learned from this just how powerful a community of trees can be. ‘A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.’ Trees could have come up with this old craftsperson saying and because they know this intuitively, they do not hesitate to help each other out.”

Peter Wohlleben

What do you think when you see a tree? For most, it is just that… a tree, not a critical part of the Earth and to our survival. But they are also connected to each other. They can warn each other of danger through scent and their roots work similar to how our brains work. Peter Wohlleben has such a deep passion for trees and wildlife and I have to say it is completely contagious.

Mike Grady is the narrator and it is evident that he is just as passionate. I do love how he talks how important the subject of Climate Change is and how it is affecting our forests. And I just found out there is a documentary and bye–I need to watch it asap! Obviously, this book gets 5 out of 5 stars!

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