~Tolkien Tuesday~The Unfinished Tales: The Hunt for the Ring~

This section is pretty short and to the point and takes us back to The Lord of the Rings, mainly The Fellowship of the Ring. Gandalf is elaborating on the Black Riders to Frodo. He explains that Gollum was captured in 3017 and tortured. Sauron hopes that Gollum will lead him to the Ring– which leads him to the Ultimate Error. He dismisses the Hobbits and never paid them any attention. The Ring Wraiths could have actually reached the Shire faster if Sauron would have not dismissed Gollum’s intelligence. They could move with stealth and invisibility but they left feelings of terror. He actually didn’t send the Ring Wraiths until he found out that Gollum was captured by Aragorn. But he also had information from Saruman as well. Saruman had always had feelings of jealousy towards Gandalf but he also knew that Gandalf visited the Hobbits often. So with both of those reports, it spurred Sauron to send out his loyal and mighty servants. But that decision came too late…

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