~Tolkien Tuesday: The Unfinished Tales~ The Battles of the Fords of Isen~

“Let me lie here–to keep the Fords till Eomer come…”

The Battles of the Fords of Isen

This is not a pleasant chapter. The determination of Saruman leads to heartbreak for many of the characters. Theodred is the son of Theoden, King of Rohan. His cousins are Eomer and Eowyn. They were all raised together. *Raise your hand if you would like to have a series about their young lives!* –I can’t be the only one. With the poisoning and deception that Grima inflicted on Theoden, one of the next things to do would be to set his kin against each other. Oh, he tried to put Theodred and Eomer against each other, but they were devoted to each other and to their King. Eomer was not an ambitious man, even though he knew he could inherit the crown if something happened to Theodred. But he would do anything to keep Theodred unharmed.

The Orcs and armies of Saruman knew that if Rohan fell then Gondor would be next. The battles took place at the Fords of Isen because it was very strategic for Rohan. The first battle took place on the 25th of February. Saruman had ordered that Theodred be slain at all costs. To put this timeline in perspective, Gandalf arrives in Rohan seven days later. The attack on Theodred was successful but Theodred was determined to hold the lines until Eomer arrived. Grimbold, one of the Marshalls held him as he died. Erkenbrand took over command after Theodred died. Grimbold and the other Marshall, Elfhelm both returned to battle. Grimbold will also be slain.

The second battle occurred on March 2nd. While some were able to retreat these battles were decisive. It would lead to the Battle at Helm’s Deep.

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