The Secret Wisdom of Nature by Peter Wohlleben ~Audiobook Review~

“We know nature can heal itself in certain circumstances, but we also know that this takes time…”

Peter Wohlleben

I can’t get enough of Peter Wohlleben’s passion for nature. The Secret Wisdom of Nature is the third book in his The Mysteries of Nature Series. I am going out of order, but thankfully that doesn’t matter here. I have previously read The Hidden Life of Trees and I just purchased The Inner Life of Animals. To say Peter Wohlleben has inspired me is putting it lightly. He truly cares for every plant, animal, and insect (except for one type of moth, I can’t remember the specific species he named.) Every time I read one of his books, I want to go outside and observe the nature around me…except there isn’t much nature around me. The city in which I live is currently building thousands of new homes on previously empty fields. We used to see the occasional bald eagle and so many red-tailed hawks (much to my father’s delight, he was a huge fan of hawks.) But do the people in charge of bulldozing this land think that those birds are going to stay here after their habitat is gone? So my husband and I purchased some property up the mountain. I am taking as many notes from Peter Wohlleben and Douglas W. Tallamy as possible to ensure that our new home is also home to the fauna and flora around us.

Now, back to the book. This book focuses on the connections of nature. Not just trees communicating with each other but how animals and plants communicate. It also discusses how one aspect of an ecosystem is can affect the others within that ecosystem. We have already seen evidence of this here in the United States when wolves were reintroduced back into Yellowstone National Park after being hunted and eradicated by animal farmers. After wolves returned, the ecosystem became balanced again.

I really enjoyed the section on Climate Change as well. Here in America, it is a very “hot topic” so to speak. There is no doubt that Climate Change is a naturally occurring process but we have loads of evidence that humans have increased the speed of that change. So now many plants and animals do not have the time to adapt.

I wish many people looked at nature in a similar way as Peter Wohlleben. Then maybe our world and the life within it would have a fighting chance in the coming years. Sean Barrett is the narrator for this audiobook and he is phenomenal! I can’t wait to read more of these books! I urge EVERYONE to read them! 5 out of 5 stars!

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