~Tolkien Tuesday: The Unfinished Tales~The Druedain~

“Alas! If some power passes from you to a thing that you have made, then you must take a share in its hurts.”

The Druedain

The Druedain is an aspect of Middle-Earth that I wish we could know more about. They are fascinating and it makes me wonder how many more races and history Tolkien had in his mind but just didn’t have the time to write it down.

The Druedain were short and stout much like the dwarves, but in temperament, they were very similar to Hobbits. They were also meditative, secretive, and vigilant. There is one difference that makes them stand apart from both races, they had powers that they were able to transfer.

There is one story that really captures the essence of The Druedain. It is called The Faithful Stone. The Druedain were friends with the Folk of Haleth. A Drug named Aghan was friends with a forester named Barach. Aghan was going away and knew Orcs were nearby. To keep Barach and his family safe, he left a stone. When Orcs came to attack, a Drug came and saved the family—except it wasn’t a Drug at all, it was the stone. Aghan had transferred some of his powers to the stone.

I would love to read more about the Druedain. Is there something in Middle-Earth you want to know more about?

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