~Summer Reading List Wrap~

Goodbye Summer—and Good Riddance! Fall is here and I am not looking back! However, it was a wonderful Summer for reading! My Summer theme is Conservation and I have learned so much! It is safe to say I have even found a couple of new favorite authors: Douglas W. Tallamy and Peter Wohlleben. I haven’t completed ALL the books that I had intended but I am close, plus I did add a book or two throughout the summer. So here are the highlights!


The Breath of a Whale by Leigh Calvez ~ Unfortunately, this one wasn’t a winner for me. I had more of her books on my list and ended up taking them off. ~2 stars~

This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein ~ This book is very informative and really presses the urgency of making drastic changes to how we consume and how capitalism is the problem. It gave me Climate Change anxiety but it is an important read. ~5 stars~

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson ~ This book dives into the damage of pesticides on us, plants, and animals. This is technically a classic as it is the book that started the conversation. ~4 stars~

The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben ~ Peter Wohlleben’s passion is palpable. Trees are everything in this book. Be prepared to be truly inspired! ~5 stars~

The Overstory by Richard Powers ~ This is one of the conservation-based fictions stories I picked up. And I cared more about the trees than the stories of the people. But I love the dedication to conservation. ~3 stars~

The Secret Nature of Wisdom by Peter Wohlleben ~ This is one of the books I added because I enjoyed The Hidden Life of Trees so much and I bought the physical copy of The Inner Life of Animals because I just want to read more! ~5 stars~

Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy ~ This is the second conservation fictional story that I selected this summer and I am so glad I read it. It truly meshes conversation and humanity. I absolutely loved it. ~Review Coming Soon~

I intended to listen to The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Plastic Ocean, The Hidden Lives of Owls, and Eating Animals, but many of them were taken off of Libby, or I decided against reading them.

Physical Books:

Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowat ~ This was a wonderful story about one man’s in-depth research of the Arctic wolves. ~Review Coming Soon~

A Matter of Scale by Preston Charles Urka ~ This book read like a textbook. It really dives into the problems in our energy crisis. ~3 stars~

The Slightly Greener Method by Tonya Harris ~ I had assumed that this book would go into different ways to be sustainable at home, but what it does is go into the ingredients that are in everyday products that we use. ~4 stars~

When Elephants Weep by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson ~ This book goes into the emotional lives of animals, while it lacks concrete evidence, it does have many wonderful stories. ~3 stars~

Nature’s Best Hope by Douglas W. Tallamy ~ This book discusses the importance of taking charge of helping nature ~Review Coming Soon~

Bringing Nature Home by Douglas W. Tallamy ~ This book encourages readers to utilize their yard to help wildlife around us. ~5 stars~

I am currently reading Dominion by Matthew Scully. But I also intend to finish In the Shadow of Man by Jane Goodall, Animal Liberation by Peter Singer, and Slaughterhouse by Gail A. Eisnitz.

However, these books have opened up so many more that I intend to keep reading! How was your reading this summer?

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