~Tolkien Tuesday: The Unfinished Tales~The Istari~

The Istari are emissaries of the Valar and are known as the Wizards. They come to Middle-Earth in the 3rd age. They have a simple guise and normally carry a staff as a sign of their order. According to this chapter, there is an unknown number of Istari but in Middle-Earth, there are a total of 5.

~The White Messenger/Curunir=Saruman who was the Chief of the Order. However, as we know in the Lord of the Rings, Saruman became jealous and wanted power and aligned himself with Sauron.
~The Two Blue Wizards who were associated with Orome and went East. Not much is known about them but it is believed their names are Alatar and Pallando.
~Radagast the Brown was given the responsibilities of the welfare of beasts and birds. However, they became his world and he neglected his mission as a Wizard.
~The Grey Pilgrim/Mithrandir=Gandalf who was a friend to all Free Peoples. He was reborn after fighting the Balrog. He was the only one of the Istari to stay true to his mission.

This is a very brief chapter and most of the information regarding this takes place throughout The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. And here we are, next week will be the final chapter of The Unfinished Tales…

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