October Audiobook Update!

Normally, I fly through audiobooks. I was so excited when I figured I would get 3 hours of uninterrupted audiobook time while driving up the coast to Pismo Beach. Well, guess what? My rental car REFUSED to accept my phone. That could have been 6 hours! And want to know what my current audiobook is?—Eye of the World by Robert Jordan. The Wheel of Time series is DENSE. Eye of the World is due back tomorrow and I got 11 hours left. Can it be done? We shall see.

Here is what I have up next:

1) The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell is a thriller that I am reading with a wonderful group of Bookstagram friends! I have read Lisa Jewell before and I can’t wait to see what this book has in store!

2) Know My Name by Chanel Miller is a book recommended to me by my sister. This is a memoir about a courageous woman who takes back her narrative. We all know her attackers name, Brock Turner. But now she is reclaiming her name.

3) Kindred by Octavia E. Butler is the first science fiction novel written by a Black woman. I have heard nothing but amazing things about it and can’t wait to give it a listen.

4) The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan is the second book in the Wheel of Time series. I am saving this for last because I know it will take the longest to get through.

What are you currently listening to?

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