Mid-Year Freakout Tag!

Thank you, Stephen Writes for the tag! Unfortunately, WordPress isn't letting me tag anyone. Hopefully I can figure that out sooner or later! Anyway, we are halfway through the year and I am currently reading The Witch's Heart by Genevieve Gornichec. So let's dive right into the questions!1) How much have you read?~I have read … Continue reading Mid-Year Freakout Tag!

Ribbons of Scarlet ~Review~

Ribbons of Scarlet is an anthology written by various authors. This novel is about six women during the French Revolution that has one direction and yet six different points of view. Part I: The Philosopher by Stephanie Dray is about Sophie de Grouchy. She does not want to be ruled by any man, but then … Continue reading Ribbons of Scarlet ~Review~